I’m Rachael Walker and for the past twenty years, I’ve been working to get kids, families and educators excited about reading.  To me, every day is a party when you are reading.  I thought with this blog, I could be the life of my own reading party, or the belle of the book!

I’ve put on quite a few big reading parties for national literacy campaigns, like NEA’s Read Across America and National D.E.A.R. Day.  I have organized both a reading rodeo and a reading beach party. I have scrambled and served green eggs with the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.  I’ve encouraged a U.S. Supreme Court Justice to talk like a pirate.  I’ve covered an auditorium floor with bubble wrap for hundred of kids to hop on pop.

I also put together ideas for reading parties at home, like the activities you’ll find in these Family Literacy Bags at Reading RocketsFarms is the most recent Family Literacy Bag I authored.

And I’ve had a tremendous amount of fun with books and my own children, holding Winnie-the-Pooh breakfast picnics, driving our own Magic School Bus and making loads of oobleck.

At Belle of the Book, I’ll be sharing ideas for reading fun and good resources for parents and teachers.  I’ll also recommend children’s and young adult books and maybe even review a few.

Drop by this reading party and share your own ideas for reading fun whenever you can.  In the meantime be sure to hold plenty of reading parties of your own.  Every day is a party when you read!